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Our Mission

Helping people around the globe crush excuses and activate their success now.  

What We Believe


1. We believe that by developing the CORE of people, growth is inevitable. Let's face it, in order to catapult into success, we all need the right tools, training, mindset and endurance to get transforming results where it matters most. 

2. We believe in teaching people how to crush their excuses, so they can activate the greatness they possess inside. 

3. We believe in training people how to implement life, leadership and business strategies, that will build legacy.

What We Do


We help people achieve success through our 3 Step System.

Step 1. Master Life

Step 2. Master Leadership Skills 

Step 3. Master Business (Startup or Existing Company)

We do this through:

   Group Coaching 

   1:1 Private Coaching

   Online Classes


   Workshops, Webinars and other types of media platforms. 


About Craig J. Garcia


Craig Garcia is a Success Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Pastor and Author.


His real world experience gets people Activated, in order to provoke transformation. Craig's practical, funny and savvy style will keep you engaged, along with his fusion of real-life stories and conversational techniques, allowing him to connect with his audience at a heart level.

He and his Wife, Natarsha, began a Performing Arts & Entertainment Company in 2000. Today, they have an international reach and have trained thousands of clients, many of which are working in TV, Film, Music, Broadway, Webisodes, Commercials and other Mainstream Media. 


As a licensed and ordained minister, Craig understands how to get in the trenches with people during

the tough moments and build them up spiritually. 

Craig is the Founder & CEO of Activate Yourself Now, Co-Founder of AGI Entertainment and AGI Management. He lives in Atlanta with his wonderful Wife, Natarsha and two sons, Kurtis and Brandin.


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