Let's find out exactly where you are today, by  answering a series of important questions, so we can understand our starting point. 

We will also have you take a short  test  to find out how you are hardwired, which helps with identifying your strengths and how use them effectively.


Module 1:

Master Your Life

This module will take you through the first phase of getting your life in order, so you can become more strategic on how you take action.

  • Mindset & Focus

  • Organization

  • Communication

  • Implementing Systems

  • Locate Purpose & Passion

  • Control Time

  • Life Planning

  • Health & Wellness

  • Financial Fitness & Budgeting

  • and More...


Module 2:

Master Your Leadership

  • What is True Leadership vs Management?

  • Passing the Test of Faithfulness

  • How to Serve Effectively

  • How to Be Authentic

  • How to Influence

  • Character Test

  • Accountability

  • Loyalty

  • Overcoming Distractions

  • Being Fearless

  • Operations 101

  • Building Your Team(s)

  • Smart Goals

  • and more..


Module 3:

Master Business

  • What's Your Idea?

  • Preparing for Business 101

  • The Mission Statement

  • Branding, Marketing & Social Media, Sales

  • People, Process, Product and Mission

  • Productivity

  • Leading By Example

  • Operations Management

  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures

  • Planning for Intentional Success

  • Building Relationships

  • Hiring & Firing Properly

  • Profiting in Your Business

  • Creating Multiple Streams of Income

  • and more...


“You have shown me how to dream big and make my dream a reality.”

Hasaan B.

Smiling Man
Business Meeting
Young Couple