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Help! I Need Peace In My Life (5 Ways to Get It Now)

1. Refocus On What Matters-Spouse, Family, Friends, Your Passion, etc. Life can get foggy sometimes and when you put things in perspective, your problems will shrink.

2. Create a Place of Refuge Where You Can Go and Download From the Day-(Digitally Disconnect As Needed and Do A Brain Dump-Write down all the things on your mind and it will declutter your brain. You can group things in compartments and tackle a little at a time) Surround yourself with things that allow your mind to relax such as outdoors, a quiet room, a bookstore, the park, Starbucks, or any place that works for you. POP in some headphones and play healing music, read a book or simply sit in silence. This helps to slow life all the way down.

3. Scale Your To Do List To Only 3 or 4 Top Things Per Day and Delegate the Rest-This helps you to focus on things that are a priority, so you can increase productivity.

4. Stop Letting People Steal Your Time-Become skillful with how you spend it and with who. Ask yourself the why, before connecting with others. If it's purposeful, then go for it. If not, say NO for now.

5. Be Grateful For What You Have and Enjoy God's Presence, Through Prayer and Thanksgiving-His Peace can be downloaded anytime you need it, even in the midst of adversity. Practice this by pursuing His peace daily and it will protect your sanity.

Hope this helps.

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